What is Donor Management Software?

Donor management software can be used by nonprofits to manage their contacts and donor contributions, and it assists targeted email marketing. Nonprofits can also use the software to analyze and segment contacts so that they can engage them with targeted and relevant marketing content.

Donor management software is offered both as a standalone solution and a part of bigger donor constituent relations management (CRM) suites. Standalone solutions offer features such as donor profiling and donor databasing. Donor management CRM systems also provide these features as well as fundraising, grant management, and fund accounting functionality to serve as a one-stop platform that fulfills the marketing needs of nonprofits. Start by checking our leader NetSuite for Nonprofits, and other recommended solutions in this category.

Donor Management Software

Top 13 Most Popular Donor Management Software

NetSuite for Nonprofits reviews
NetSuite for Nonprofits

Our Score 9.7

User Satisfaction 100%

NetSuite for Nonprofits is an integrated cloud-based management software for nonprofit organizations, foundations, and social enterprises. Read Reviews

Bloomerang reviews

Our Score 9.3

User Satisfaction 93%

Bloomerang is a donor management software package designed for non-profit organizations to help them with their fund raising campaigns. Read Reviews

Network for Good reviews
Network for Good

Our Score 9.3

User Satisfaction 96%

Network for Good is a donor management and fundraising solution for small and growing nonprofit organizations. Read Reviews

Planning Center reviews
Planning Center

Our Score 9.2

User Satisfaction 99%

Planning Center is a web-based church management app that equips churches with the tools they need to face challenges of the new era through task-focused solutions. Read Reviews

Raiser’s Edge reviews
Raiser’s Edge

Our Score 9.1

User Satisfaction 100%

Raiser’s Edge is a fundraising system designed especially for non-profit organizations. It’s also a customer relation management tool. Read Reviews

Salsa CRM reviews
Salsa CRM

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 100%

Powerful and intuitive donation management solution for effective donor management, fundraising, and marketing outreach. Read Reviews

Qgiv reviews

Our Score 8.9

User Satisfaction 91%

Qgiv is an online platform that manages donations from a fund raising event. It promotes credibility and efficiency. Read Reviews

SignUpGenius reviews

Our Score 8.9

User Satisfaction 94%

SignUpGenius simplifies the process of coordinating events and people by providing online sign ups for non-profits, schools, sports, churches, families, businesses, and organizations. Read Reviews

eTapestry reviews

Our Score 8.8

User Satisfaction 94%

eTapestry is a fundraising and donor management software that helps your organizations achieve their fundraising missions. Simple, reliable and secure. Read Reviews

Wild Apricot reviews
Wild Apricot

Our Score 8.8

User Satisfaction 98%

Cloud based membership management solution that helps to attract, renew and manage members with ease. Read Reviews

Virtuous CRM reviews
Virtuous CRM

Our Score 8.0

User Satisfaction 100%

A nonprofit CRM made exclusively from the ground up for personalized donor management and automation. Read Reviews

Fundly CRM reviews
Fundly CRM

Our Score 7.5

User Satisfaction 100%

Fundly is a one stop shop for all fundraising needs. Improves efficiency in campaigns, interaction with donors and helps organizations to raise more money. Read Reviews

DonorStudio reviews

Our Score 6.0

User Satisfaction 100%

Donorstudio is a donor management and fundraising solution that allows ministries and organizations to raise more money and manage donations. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best Donor Management Software

Donor management software programs can help nonprofits and similar organizations boost the donations they receive from their patrons. But how do you select a suitable solution from the scores of platforms out there? This buyer’s guide will help you to separate the wheat from the chaff and choose the best donor management software for your specific needs.

Get to know each product with free trial

We recommend you start by registering for the free trial or demo offered by the best donor management software providers. This will help you check out each app’s list of features at no cost and gauge whether they are suitable for your organization. You can find out whether a free trial is offered by the following popular donor management tools: BloomerangRaiser’s EdgeDonorPerfectSalsa CRM, and NeonCRM. These products have been given high rankings in our donor management software reviews and you can browse them to get a comparison of their features. 

Targeted Businesses

The following organizations make use of donor management software tools:

  • Nonprofits
  • Animal welfare
  • Education organizations
  • Environmental organizations
  • Grantwriting and volunteer organizations
  • Human services
  • International organizations and NGOs
  • Political and advocacy groups
  • Religious and faith-based organizations
  • Trade associations

What are Examples of Donor Management Software?

  • Bloomerang: Bloomerang is a simple fundraising and donor database software system for small business and nonprofits that helps them reduce donor attrition and boost revenue.
  • Raiser’s Edge: Gives you all the donor management and fundraising features you need to connect with constituents and raise money anywhere, anytime.
  • DonorPerfect: Nonprofits can use DonorPerfect fundraising software for their donor management, mass mailing, moves management, grant & gift tracking needs and more.
  • Salsa CRM: It is a fundraising, marketing, and advocacy software solution used by more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations.
  • NeonCRM: A cloud-based CRM solution that offers a full suite of tools and features for small to midsized nonprofits.

Types of Donor Management Software

  • Online fundraising: Online fundraising software helps organizations to accept donations online making it convenient for them and their donors.
  • Online advocacy: Online advocacy software makes it simple for nonprofits to boost awareness about their causes and help change legislation to further their missions.
  • All-in-One or integrated software: This type of software hosts all the features of online fundraising and donor management software in one system. It also includes the added benefits of outreach and marketing features.
  • Peer-to-Peer fundraising: Peer-to-peer software offers nonprofits the specialized features they need to run P2P campaigns. This software helps them to effectively oversee fundraisers’ efforts and combine their digital P2P campaigns with fundraising events.

Key Features of Donor Management Software

  • Industry-specific solutions: Donor management applications are designed for specific fields such as sports, education, healthcare etc. Based on your needs, decide if you require a niche software or a standard solution.
  • Integrations: Good quality donor management apps offer integration with third-party solutions to collect data. The donor management product can smoothly integrate with your existing fundraising, email marketing, accounting and other software.
  • Mobile features: Top donor management solutions offer mobile functionality allowing users to access contact records from their mobile devices and enabling donors to donate using their mobile devices. Some vendors offer a complete mobile app compatible with popular platforms.
  • Marketing features: Good quality donor management solutions offers automated marketing features including event management, mail merging, email marketing, donor prospect research and more. Consider how these features can integrate with your current marketing strategies before you select a suitable software.

Benefits of Donor Management Software

Our detailed comparisons show that donor management software provide the following advantages:

  • You can make use of your current donor base to raise funds and achieve goals
  • Boost contact and donor relationships by keeping in constant touch with them
  • Increase the donations you receive by contacting your donors through newsletters and email blasts
  • Use segmented analytics to target and track important donors
  • Ensure your outreach effort is relevant to each recipient
  • Reduce expenses by making use of automation features within donor management

Latest Trends

Focus on donor retention

Nonprofits retain only a smart percentage of new donors. So they are increasingly focusing on donor retention by investing more resources and staff in donor relations. They are using donor management software to evaluate the performance of their donor relations programming.

Crowdfunding is becoming a popular fundraising tool

Resourceful nonprofits are using crowdfunding to engage their donors. They are boosting their social media presence and enlisting donors to be their ambassadors. Savvy nonprofits are making use of the internet cleverly to boost their fundraising.  

New communication tools help nonprofits to tell their story

Nonprofits are using new channels and platforms to reach new donors and engage more deeply with existing ones. They are making use of innovations in email marketing, social media tools, video clips, and poignant images for the purpose. Their staff are improving their use of technology and boosting their skills in utilizing new media.

Potential Issues

Steep Learning Curve

Quite a few users say that donor management software is difficult to learn. So make sure you provide proper training to your employees and make use of online resources, webinars, knowledge bases, etc. for the purpose. Sign up for a free trial or demo to learn more about how difficult the product is to learn and use before you invest in a pricing package.

Lack of customization options

This is another big challenge as some donor management apps are not easy to adapt and align with a company’s existing processes. Contact customer support and engage with the vendor to get their help to customize the software to your organization’s needs and processes.

Other common challenges

Users have also pointed out other common issues such as difficulty in exporting and importing data, lack of depth in reporting features, and lack of integration with other software. Do your homework beforehand to ensure you don’t get saddled with a software that has these limitations.

List of Donor Management Software Companies


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Our website makes use of our innovative SmartScore™ algorithm to test all the products in the Donor Management Software category to help you choose the best possible solution. It compares and contrasts the following aspects: essential modules, collaboration features, customization, integration, how easy a software is to use and learn, customer support, security, mobile support, ratings in media. Currently, NetSuite for Nonprofits is the leader in this category and our experts are really satisfied with it. Following thorough evaluation it got the best results among its competitors and we strongly suggest that you consider it as one of the options for your business.

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